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Ten Thousand Stones: The Journey Towards Meaning

How storytelling helped me transcend generational trauma, negative generational patterns and allowing me to embrace a spiritual recovery full of peace, joy and purpose in the pain.

"When a man comes to you and tells you your own story, you know that your sins are forgiven. And when you are forgiven, you are healed." The Spirituality of Imperfection

We all have those dark corners in our past and even areas of our present that hold deep shame and dominate us. They are the things we hope no one finds out about us because they feel so terminally unique in their nature. It was only through hearing the similarities, and not the differences in other's stories and their lived experiences that I was able to find purpose in my own pain and suffering. Facing my own demons honestly gave me strength to heal curses and trauma women in my family have been plagued with for generations, namely the fear of abandonment. Through the sheer need of survival from addiction I found salvation and serenity. My only hope is that I can help others find theirs too.


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The Digital Woman
New Orleans, LA

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